Electrical Safety

28 Jul 2021

Working as an electrician can be potentially dangerous. It is vital that people in this industry understand the risks involved and how to avoid them. By creating a culture of safety within an electrical environment, accidents can be prevented. Apprentices, in particular, need to know the various protocols.

Tips to Become a Successful Electrician

15 Jan 2020

To advance on your career path as an electrician, you need more than just technical skills. First of all, being on time is very important. Secondly, you need to never stop learning and not be afraid to own up to your mistakes. Being respectful towards clients is also recommended.

How to become a qualified electrician in the UK

16 Dec 2019

Electricians in the UK need specific qualifications, and for good reason. Not only can an unqualified electrician cause serious damage to a property, but malpractice can also lead to serious injury.

To work as electricians, UK residents therefore need to acquire a level 3 Diploma in any of the following areas:

  • Electro-technical services (to work in electrical maintenance)
  • Electro-technical systems & equipment (to work in buildings and environmental projects)
  • Electrical installations (for buildings and structures)

Where to get qualified

The Diploma can be obtained through various institutions, and the most popular pathway is to sign up for an apprenticeship scheme, which gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Some also opt to go to college to take introductory courses and eventually start an apprenticeship or pursue higher level education.

As our digital age is becoming increasingly dependent on an uninterrupted power supply, electricians will become more and more esteemed. You wouldn’t want to lose a client just because the power fault, neither would you want a power cut to happen just as you’re about to win at a jackpot casino!

Protect Yourself Working as an Electrician

17 Nov 2019

Working as an electrician can bring you financial stability, and the work hour flexibility is something worth mentioning. However, you need to learn to protect yourself with the right safety equipment and practical knowledge, since you are working with dangerous electric current all the time.

Electrician jobs

On average, electricians earn £156,000 per year, which is six times the normal wage and £150,000 more than the Prime Minister’s salary.

There's a broad spectrum of electrician jobs and so are the courses. Students who've just graduated from high school or anyone who wants a change from a desk job may specialise in:

  • Electrical installations and fittings
  • Highway systems
  • Electro-technical panel building
  • System maintenance

Educational Qualifications

  • I. Industry recognized qualification e.g. diploma in electro-technical services or short course in electrical installation
  • II. Grade D and above in GCSE
  • Alternatively, an apprenticeship with experts is a great start in the in the world of electrotechnology.